Much more than storage

We offer much more than storage. Services today cover a whole range of processing of all types of juices, concentrates and purees. Current in-house services include de-drumming, crushing, de-binning, deliver to tank trucks, blending, processing and drum filling.


At the IJselhaven complex in Rotterdam, containers can be unloaded directly into cold storage facilities. Four drum filling installations provide the possibility to unload tank trucks, fill the product in drums and store the product in cold stores.


Our storage capacity is 375.000 m3 (100.000 tons) with storage temperatures ranging from -19° to +4°. We are FSSC 22000, HACCP, SKAL, AEO and Rainforest Alliance certified.


Laboratory facilities are essential to much of our work and represent a full package of client support. Work is continually expanding, and many clients depend on our laboratory staff to perform a wide range of analyses on their products.


We process fruit juices, concentrates and purees only in our production facilities. The facilities are equipped with installations capable of dumping bins and drums, crushing frozen product (using crushers and heat exchangers) and filling product in tank trucks or drums. Our in-house laboratory provides all necessary sampling, analyses and testing. Each year we process approximately 150 tons of product.


We can organize and coordinate all steps in the supply chain such as import, export, road and maritime transport. Besides storage, we also provide various value added services such palletizing, sorting, labelling and pallet wrapping. We use a tailor made ERP system (Synerga), it is 100% flexible and offers traceability and online access through our customer portal and is fully capable of EDI solutions.

Customs (VAT)

We are an authorized economic operator (AEO) and can act as your fiscal representative. In-house customs clearance, transport arrangements and delivery schedules are handled by our dedicated team of trained specialists on a daily basis.